Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 192/366

The funny and brilliant thing about The Mavyns is that after you hear most of their songs, you won't know what the lyrics were. But the music is so good that it makes you want to hear it anyway. You just have to try and strain your ears to hear the words. Or not. Either way, you know you've enjoyed listening. They're one of those rare bands.

Their EP Socegado Session recently came to my knowledge. The recordings are charming despite the rusty vocals in certain parts. It's just a band presenting to the world their first few compositions as a band that defines their sound. It's all about forming the band after picking up the instruments and feeling good enough about yourself to want to jam with others. It's evidence showing the consequence of letting your creatives juices flow to take whatever form they have to. It is an EP that let a band like them know what an outsider who hears them for the first time would make of it and whether it is even music to one's ears.

The Mavyns definitely got their shit right. They got the 60s back in the smallest way possible even though they claim to have been born in the wrong era. They probably were. But I'm glad I got to experience their music live in the era I was born in.

It's a shame that they're no longer together to make more music like they did. Still, Little Woman can make any bad day turn around. And I guess their entire musical legacy being left behind should be enough for anyone who can enjoy music the way they make it. 

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