Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 193/366

After I die,
If you wish to remember me,
Play that favorite tune
Sing it how you will.

If after I die,
You find out I had a child
Look after her for me
Or read to him sometimes.

Perhaps if I should die
In a way you won't know why
Forgive me for my desire
But do not leave my side.

Eventually I must go
To 'a better place' as they say
I'll wait till you get there
I'll remember us every day.

To die must be awfully strange
But someday I wish to feel
What he went through when he went
To see what he did see.

I suppose I want to die
To be strong when that day does come
Know me for my words
For in them, lies my will.

Still and quiet I lie,
Unlike what you knew me to be
Hold my cold hand now
Bury me to bring me to peace.

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