Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 197/366

What do you inspire in me? Black and white senseless thoughts in a dull, colorful world.
What makes me like you? Sheer honesty that can be so brutal that it hurts physically.
What draws me to you? The person I can be when I'm with you.

You took me home that night. Too dark for me to want the light. Each of the senses were fulfilled with the most delicate experiences. There was a genuine smile I remember feeling on my lips. I tried so hard not to spin in my head, not to twirl myself. But I was not in control of myself. It was numbing but real. Tangible, too. I didn't have to ask to be saved. You were so perceptive back then. I remember it all so clearly.

Remember how I purposely wore the same perfume every time I'd meet you after that? I'd watch you react to it in that same way and it would always give me the shivers. Yes, you made me weird like that. But that's the girl I miss being able to be. The smell of your cigarette mixed with my perfume's filled up the room with familiarity.

I wish I could forget it. 

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