Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198/366

I love you, Music. 

I can't promise anyone anything in this world but I can assure you that I'm never going to let you go. It's too painful to imagine; incomprehensible actually. There is no particular image coming to my head when I try to think of you being dead. You are immortal. So is poetry. But then again, you two are probably just siblings who have an unspoken, unsung rivalry, which is quite natural.

I've had you too deep in me to ever forget the sounds and the feelings attached to us. You have been there at the back of my head every f***ing day since I met you in some form or the other, even if someone lowered your volume on a few days here and there. 

I am taken by your simplicity and complexity. You make me feel so much. You make me feel so little. There is nothing constant about our relationship. There are words spoken and unspoken. You have become a world within me and seen me grow up. More often than not, you're the only thing that makes sense. 

As The Doors once said, Hello, I love you. Well, I'd say it to you too with exactly the same emotions. I feel quite content writing this little love letter. I feel slightly foolish, of course. But there's a loss of shame or pride or arrogance when it comes to you. You certainly do bring out the best in me. 

The song playing in my head at the moment is CCR's Have you ever seen the rain? I know you and I have had many a wonderful times together as the storms made the trees fall or as the downpours trickled down to a mere drizzle. I know you have been enjoyed by others too. But I am not jealous. You are someone I appreciate so much that I genuinely don't mind sharing you with others whom I know will give you the kind of loving you deserve. You are mine more than you know it. I will take certain memories of ours as secrets to my grave. And I shall always pity the world that never got to experience those.

What I'm basically trying to say is that I'm glad I have you in my life. I've never bothered to take out time to actually tell you that. So I'm just letting you know.  

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  1. Amazing post, speechless... the ones highlighted quite narrate your feelings well... Kudos Rohini :)