Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 199/366

There she sat in a red shawl clad around her body in a green and yellow auto in the rain. Sunk in deep thoughts, her sad eyes begged me to hear her story. At least that’s what my mind made to believe. My mind had stopped functioning as I knew it.

Was she old or young? I couldn’t tell exactly. But her kohl under the eyes did seem to suggest a perfect blend of mystery and maturity. It was that one brief moment that she looked at me that I knew something would always draw me back to her. To that quantum of time that trapped me.

But I did not pursue her. I did not follow her home despite every attempt my insides were making to make me go. Something made me walk out of that bus stop.  Something stronger pulled me back.

While I stood getting wet in that windy storm, I just watched her go.

Perhaps, I shall never know what her parents named her and why. Perhaps we shall cross paths again.

If only.

1 comment:

  1. May be I take yur posts seriously... why was she not asked about herself? Why was it kept as it was? I wish yu meet again and revelations happen... i wish...