Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 211/366

We have an Indian mentality which lets us forget things we 'outrage' over for a day or two and then look for something else to fuss over. If a rape or murder or horrible crime is exposed by the media, we curse the men/women behind it and get angry and the anger fizzles out quicker than it started. We can never accept the possibility that we can be the next victim. But then again, sometimes it's hard to comprehend that there are people, humans like you who can do such a thing as take another human's life voluntarily.

Imagine you're talking to your daughter on the phone. You have a nice hot cup of tea in your hands that you're taking slow sips out of. She tells you that she's in area 'x' on her way home. She is in a different city. Or perhaps even in the same. You are convinced that she knows the way home and is keeping a look out at the places around her. It is dark outside. It is late at night and you knew the auto wasn't a good idea to allow her to come by.But you didn't do anything about it because she's done this many times and nothing bad has ever happened.

Your daughter screams on the other end. You hear a man abusing and her crying for help. Or trying to. You hear the phone disconnect and never hear her voice again.

She did not pay attention to the road because she was too happy talking to you. Or too high. Or too confident that nothing like this could ever happen to her. The reason does not matter anymore. She had read about it in the newspapers but she was convinced that she would never face this. You never fathomed the possibility of this happening to you. You'll never know anything about what happened to her after that. There would be no evidence, no memory, no sign of your child. The criminal mastermind managed to get away with it.

He is  a human being just like you.

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