Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 241/366

What is this change of state of mind that delights me? I have seen this happen to many a folks around me, in small circles and big. It's an interesting phenomenon to say the least. Are you not feeling the air around us turn lighter? I hear the saxophone in the distance. I have never heard a prettier sound. Such a tasteful experience it shall be. Which reminds me, I'd like some of that cheesecake you had mentioned earlier. How strange this is! I ate an entire meal only an hour go. No, I think it was less than that. And yet my stomach is convinced that it needs feeding. Why are you making that strange face? Stop it. It is making me laugh too much. Wait, I'll show you what you were doing. Oh god, why are you smiling now? Do I look funny too? Ha! This is rather random but fun. Pass me that perfume bottle behind you, please. Wow. I do not want to stop taking in this smell. This is such a delicately strong fragrance, is it not? Have you seen the film, 'Perfume'? I'm yet to watch it but I don't feel like it yet. I wait for films to call out to me to watch them. Like books on the shelf. It's a case of you against the world because there's no time to read them and they don't stop calling out to you.

Gah! My fingers hurt from typing so fast.

Good night, anybody who may read this. I hope you are in the same altered sense of existence. 

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