Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 242/366

It's very interesting how people from a virtual world now have a face in our head even if we haven't met them in person. I mean, I think a LOT of my 'friends' (new found or otherwise) would agree that it's a strange phenomenon but it's much easier to befriend someone they talk to on say, Twitter compared to the same with a stranger you meet on the train.

It's not good or bad, though the leaning is towards the latter (I could be a hypocrite. Not sure). It's more about the intriguing aspect of this happening to millions of us and us just getting further and further addicted to it. But in the process, society as a whole is coming so much closer than before. When you meet someone after a gig and they say, I'm trying to DM the person I'm catching a ride with, you step in there and help them. Somewhere, they are more willing to allow change to sweep in when it decides it's time. You initially fight the urge to give in but one way or another, you do.

If you're reading this, I may generalize and say that you're a blogger (anonymous or otherwise)/ you like reading blogs. You could have a Tumblr account that feels like your home and you don't want known people to ever find it. But you don't mind strangers relating to it and reblogging it on their own sites. You could be a Twitter 'celeb' based on the number of followers you had. There is some kind of recognition within a larger community, even though it is smaller when you put it on a world scale. 

I'm just saying what popped into my head. Like I said, there's no right or wrong. Go figure it out for myself. :|

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