Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 243/366

Does it even matter if there is a hunger or not? When the clock strikes 8 p.m, my stomach is just attuned to eat a lot anyway. It's the same case in the morning for breakfast. Well, it's not the case for lunch because eating rasam-chawal day in day out is not the most appealing thought.

It's a worse case with dessert. In this city, there are 5 different houses that belong to different members of my family in the same neighborhood. It's not wrong to assume that this kind of closely knit community means means a lot of meals. And even if it's just a simple dinner, there will be dessert. And you will be forced to eat it because it will be put on your plate whether you're aware of it or not. And so, you will have to eat it. It's disgusting. I'm sure I'll be a diabetic if I go on this way. Worse, my weight is never going to come down. It's hard enough to try and make time for exercise because of my work timings. This is just ridiculous.

Sigh. Such is life. With all it's food and glory.

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