Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 244/366

He's been the best guard I have met. 20-year-old and ambitious. He's a Muslim from Assam who believes that only his friends back home were his real friends. Nothing scares him. I asked him once what he would do if a robbery was taking place in our home. He said he would talk to the robbers and make them go away. There are people who say that they aren't scared of death but he really isn't. A knife or a gun being possessed by someone did not equate to danger. He was happy, he spoke well and he was happy doing the night duty.

He has a name but I won't say it because he wasn't used to hearing it. He made me realize that home truly is where the heart is. And I thank him for that. He is going to leave us and go away tomorrow. He shall be missed dearly.

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