Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 251/366

My mother is adorable. Technology's never been her strongest point and she's one of those loyal Nokia phones fan. Unfortunately for her, my sister and I somehow convinced her to get a Blackberry. I feel really bad for her for struggling with it but she makes me day. Every single day.

So, today's conversation went something like this.

Rohini (R): Good morning! Will call after having tea.
Mummy (M): Ok dude....hahahaha...I'm in a crazily nice mood :) :D
R: Haha, this is Didi, not Ma.


M: Did u receive a mail now?
R: Yep :)
M: Ok...just testing...I managed...(Her being excited that she forwarded a mail with photographs attached via BB) yohoho and a bottle of rum :)
R: Ha! Blue blistering barnacles! Thundering typhoons! Now go to sleep. Sweet dreams :)
M: u say...(Yawn) asleep

A few minutes later...

R: Mummy, she's too cute! (The mail she sent me had photographs of a 3-year-old niece of mine going for her first day of school.)
M: Who is this she?
R: Zizou! (Just a nickname. Don't worry. Real name's a normal Indian name)
M: ??? oooh! I thought me...well, I am, ain't I cute?
R: You are! The cutest, smartest, loveliest person I know! :)
M: Mwah..Now I will sleep. Good night. I love you.

She changes her status to 'Itul Pitul', which is her way of saying that she wants to pull my cheeks and treat me like a baby. Your mother is the one person you can count on to always make you smile, even in the hardest of times. I love you, Ma :) Thank you for always making my day.

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