Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 258/366

You know a good cover band when you see one. House of Floyd is just that. I missed the inflatable pig and the psychedelic lights. But their take on the music of Pink Floyd was quite something. I can hear Bollywood music play in the background. But it doesn't really matter now. I made my friend who introduced me to the band with 'Coming Back To Life' listen to these guys and she said that they sounded better than the original, at least over the phone. I've never seen so much excitement over a cover band. Why? Because they don't play it like the originals anynore. Sure, there's renditions of their songs played by established (or not!) bands. But these guys knew what they were doing. And that is what won over the crowd. Or maybe it was the alcohol. Who knows? I'm just happy. This is not the whiskey in me speaking, though it should be considering the amount of it consumed over the two and a hour set. These goods were genuine. And brilliant. Maybe, it won't appeal to some. But then, let's consider the majority for once. How many people can go home saying they had a bad evening? Not too many, I'm guessing. (Except for those losers who were headbanging to 'Money' for the sake of looking cool)

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