Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 259/366

You know those guys who have an insane sense of humor as a natural gift? The ones who don't have to consciously think of something before saying it and whatever they say turns out to be hilarious? Lucky bastards and real gems to know. It's even better when you know one who keeps walking into your life every now and then by virtue of also being a musician who keeps getting gigs all over the country. He'll look at you and laugh at your face and you'll just know you're at home. He'll put the hood of your jacket on and make you look like Kenny and call you the biggest asshole in the world and you'll just be amused and delighted by the fact that there are people like him who actually exist. The first time you met him, his friend wanted to start a TV show based on you two. He'd call it Johan and Rohin. What a guy, man!

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  1. 259... Hats off to you Rohini...I am following this blog on and off...though had not read all the posts but i admire your dedication...

    Vishnu Kumar