Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 261/366

What does it even mean to say you have made a change in the world, to have left a mark? Does it require a certain number of people to have appreciated or acknowledged what you are doing/did? Does it mean that a smoker cutting down from a pack a day to say, 5 is a big jump? I'm sure it is. But there's no scale to mark the change on except the numerical difference and the lung capacity or whatever the measure may be.

If I were to do something good for the world and plant a tree, would it matter? When I plant that one sapling and give it water, am I not depriving another living being of the nutrients possessed in it? Are there not more trees getting chopped off than the one I planted is capable of saving?

Who are we trying to make a difference for anyway? When we die, which we all do/will at some point, won't we decompose way the same as say, Gandhi did? He seems to have made a change. But there is no one person who can declare whether the change was good or bad for humanity as a whole. Or is there someone like that? Someone who usurped power so that he/she could shape public opinion, the world's opinion? Why is there even a demarcation between public and private, government organizations and NGOs? The landscape of this earth has been changing for time immemorial. Since we humans conceived the notion of society, we have been raping mother nature to suit our needs, to meet our whims and fancies. Given that, how do we know anything was not what it is in this very moment. Where did we perceive the notion of change? Does change even exist?

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