Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 267/366

I had an interesting but morbid dream about a mass suicide taking place. I was a part of it and I think it was in some village of some sort. It felt like a game show where sleeping pills could be what you got or you may have escaped death and gotten away with your life. It was odd. It was almost as if a near death experience was supposed to be induced for my family and friends who were a part of it. It seemed like some of them were meant to die. For the others, it was supposed to pull them closer to death and life at the same time by creating a sense of being alive in the most raw form possible. I was intrigued. From what I can remember, I escaped the death. But then, another adventure began and I remember leaving my bag on a ledge and hiding in a chicken shed that night with my accomplice or two. I can't remember who they were. But I do remember a hideout in the cave that we chanced upon that led us to the suicide ground, which was supposed to be left undiscovered.

Luckily, it was a dream. Though for some reason, death doesn't seem that scary anymore. I may have possibly had that near death experience in my dream. Or maybe, it wasn't a dream at all.

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