Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 268/366

Do people or animals know that they are going to do? If someone is healthy or has an accident one fine day, do they have any clue? Do people who have fallen ill or with a critical condition get signs beforehand? If yes, why don't they bother saying goodbye to their loved ones? Why don't they share what they are going through and let you be a part of it, to help you be strong after they go? Is it a selfish act on their part or on God's? Who the hell gave some guy in the sky the right to take people away before their relationships were put to a close? Why was the widower greeted by her husband's dead body that was deformed at war? How come some of us/them got lucky enough to have medicines and treatments to survive while others didn't? If you put your pet to sleep, how do you live guilt-free? Who gave you the right to end its suffering without consent of the one whose life it was being led? Why aren't give pets given a chance to kill themselves if they want? Why such differentiation when being alive means the same thing essentially? Why wasn't I told that you would go and never come back? Why?

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