Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 270/366

It seems quite pathetic how being employed works. I have fever and I’m still sitting in the freezing office with a throbbing headache without an escape route in hand. To make matters worse, I have to attend a storytelling session for children after two hours, which will not start on time. My mother’s in town just to meet me and I’ll be given assignments everyday while she is here knowing that no one is really interested in reading them. This is probably my headache talking but I want to crib. I’m not allowed to do potty talk anymore because I have been banned from doing so by the person who usually seems to value my opinion. I want to complain to him but I fear he is in deep slumber for the night is when he wakes, the morning, sleeps. Such an owl, I tell you! I don’t think I know too many insomniacs anymore. THAT is another doing of this bloody career that all of us are trying to build without really wanting to. Maybe I do, secretly. Who knows?

Also, I would like to point out to anyone who is still reading that I have been clumsy all day long. Sedate me! I have a whole new set of scratches and bumps in various parts of my body. Oh, and my body aches in ways I never imagined possible. I need a hug. And I don’t want the hugger to let go till I fall asleep and drool on their shoulder or till my nose runs out of mucus to smear on his/her shirt. 

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