Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 273/366

I was observing an auto driver today. He was as old as old can be but with something so compelling about him. It was almost as if he had a story to be told that would probably die within his family after his death, unheard by any others. There were two young fellows sitting at the back, listening to the likes of Linkin Park, indifferent to the man. It scared me. Would I be able to stop doing what I love and be able to retire and give way to newer diseases that were invented/found by then? (This is all assuming that I live till say, 60. No comments on that, please.) What frightened me further was when I questioned if he was really that in love with his auto and profession or unable to retire because there was no money to do so. In our times, with every single thing that we use or service we use becoming so expensive, will we be able to afford our own retirements? What if we don't get married/don't have children who would love us so much that they would save up for our future over theirs? I look at my mother today and retirement does not look like it will be on the cards for her anytime soon. She loves work and it keeps her busy in the best possible way. What about those who are not passion driven? If I continue my life as a reporter, a job without any scope for growth monetarily or in the newsroom hierarchy, how will I sustain myself in the long run? They say you should start living your dreams early on in life. I've been lucky enough to be living a part of that already. It's a passion driving me, not the money. But that's not going to be enough and I'm sure of it. Maybe it's time I sat and sketched out my life plan. This was just a plunge in the darkness. But it sure was a fun one.

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