Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 275/366

She could not understand why or how this happening and more so, why now. She had known him for such a long time that the hugs could just be demanded at will and nothing seemed restricted. But she was not attracted to him. Or so she always liked to believe. She had never really given him a chance to be seen as that. But that was fine with both. He'd always ask her why they weren't together. She'd always blush but shrug the question away. He just got used to that.

The two were potheads, though he would initially dislike her affinity to the joy giving substance. And yet, they had never done it together, just the two of them. Each knew what the other was like on the 'drug', in tune with how the other speaks when the lightness of the mind took over. They were best friends, who shared many a loves like that. The two loved writing, music, photography, even the occasional senseless lust.

She always feared she would realise too late that they were probably good together. One fine day, when she saw him smiling at the altar with the other woman, her worst dream did come true.

In retrospect, she though, a little peck could have done no harm.

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