Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 281/366

There's no particular reason why you get attached to a person. It just happens. Sometimes, you hit it off right away. Sometimes, you need one conversation and a following eternity to realize it.

Attachments come in weird shapes and sizes. You could not want to let go of that chubby friend of yours because of the warmth he/she gives out. You could clutch on to your gym trainer who is the only one who keeps your body happy (Get laid, bro!). It could be a weird kind of material attachment - like this guy I know and his drug dealer. (I'm only making a point) Or a more basic monetary bond with your parents or boss or husband, whoever it is that gives you money when you need/earn it. It's everywhere. Even someone who says they are not attached to anything are pretty much attached to the idea of detachment. Isn't it?

So, is there a way around it or out of it altogether? Should there be? It's human to have attachments, apparently. But what's the point of it when it all goes away someday, or over time, leading to slow and steady depression or whatever else goes on to someone who realizes that the silly quote of the 'You value what you had only after it's gone' franchise? Why do we convince ourselves to take so much bullshit all the f***ing time? We sold out bad, didn't we? 

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