Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 282/366

Oh good lord! What have I got myself into? TV shows are the worst thing to happen to you. You can't run a 5 km marathon anymore but a 5 hour Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother marathon to get yourself up to date is so easy to do. Ridiculous! I miss the days when we had to wait for every episode to be shown on Zee Cafe or Star World. There were different slots and family time and genuine laughter. This kind of addiction is driving me insane. And yet, I'm glued to my laptop screen. Even writing this blog post is taking away from episode time. And I need to finish at least half the season of that funny show everyone in college had and was so easy to access. I'm so sleep deprived right now. But the night's still young. God bless. *sigh*

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  1. Ditto - I can relate... its a guilt pleasure. Last 20 days I have finished 2 seasons of Games Of Thrones, 1 season of Broadwalk Empire and 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. This was after 4 month pact with myself that I wouldnt watch any TV shows (after Wire) Now i have revisted the pact (just weekly episodes of Dexter to keep me company.. no new ones) having said that.. all of the above shows are KILLEr and I dont mind it :) And no Im not going to start Homeland