Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 298/366

It feels like so long ago. College. It turns out, it actually was the best days of my life. I'm trying to go back to school days and it doesn't seem too clear a memory. But the last three years, whatever I can remember of it, were insane. I think I found myself, lost track of who she was and then somewhere, found her on and off again and again. People changed, I changed, relationships changed. But the work load stayed constant. And like an ass, I joined possibly one of my best mistakes of college life, The Tossed Salad, which made me work extra hard and not enjoy to the fullest. But, it helped me discover the music scene as I know it today. Fuck! I can't start to think of Pune without getting stopped at the long list of memories and incidents shared with each and every one of them. It didn't hit me until just now that I'm going back there in ten days. It feels very weird and I want to throw up at the idea of passing by those familiar haunts and not knowing a single person there. Worse, I'll pass my house and know that some other family is paying rent and staying there. Worse, the neighbours will now have no one to complain about. I pity them. It was quite a lot of fun pissing them off.

I miss the home delivered pizzas with cheese oozing out, the walks to my puchka and bhel guy down the road, all the houses I would frequently visit for high/sober reasons, the visitors at our place, the piles of clothes (clean, apparently) which would be used to jump on, the mouse in the bucket that almost killed itself by drowning, the irritating bai, Chibos, the tapri and Mausi's chai and vada pav, High Spirits, Khodu calling me Kejri-balls, the Dadar boys coming to town, cupcakes, Dario's when you felt rich, stealing free wifi connections...I miss it all. I want it all back.

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