Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 300/366

You known that familiar smell of old pages full of meaningful words, in a language known to you or unknown? What's charming about it is that it just does't change - it only gets better with time. Revisiting an old CD or cassette or vinyls, for that matter, have that very effect.

Books and music are one in the same thing, aren't they? You know that dreamy state of mind a good read puts you in? So does music. And vice versa, if you were to only word that sentence differently.

It's a bit like poetry, actually. There's music and beauty in the words, even if the meaning doesn't get conveyed to the reader as the writer intended. Take Pablo Neruda, for instance. His words sing to you, even if they happen to be about the Spanish Inquisition. Now take Bob Dylan's A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall or Barna Howard's Promise I Won't Laugh. Their music is pure poetry.

There's no right or wrong review or feedback or perception. It is what it is, to you or to me. Maybe there was no intent in the first place and it was just a release of thoughts of the mind, with no direction to go. Who knows? Maybe even the creator of a masterpiece will never figure out what exactly it was that drove him/her to make it.

Can't you feel the emotions in certain songs, be it a Chopin composition or that one line in your favorite Beatles song that changed your life completely? There's a reason why people value quotes by famous dead guys (or alive) and lyrics to a similar degree. No?

Also, I made it to Day 300, bitches! *takes a bow for the thousands of figments of my imagination who read this*


  1. Too much perception is a bad idea if you treasure your opinion. Otherwise, it's a perfect cure.