Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 301/366

How do you contain the excitement -
For the happiest music festival around?
The wait that began (what seems like) a century ago
Is finally returning to town.

The buckets are back
80 artistes shall play
Across the six different stages,
In each one, I will sway.

My workout regime has been planned
To run from the bar to the stage to another bar to the Other Stage.
Well, the weight loss seems impossible,
Thanks to my upcoming alcohol rage (happy rage, don’t worry).

I can almost taste the cupcakes
Fingers crossed for cheesecake, too.
Of the Fully Fantastic Stage,
My ears and legs must somehow un-glue.

Hugs in a-plenty I shall give,
In returns for buckets of booze.
The most difficult decisions made
Are the acts I’ve had to choose.

Bombay Bicycle Club to Talvin Singh,
PCRC to Spud in the Box,
From some I’ve seen to the never before experienced,
I just know it’s going to be kickass!

Come soon, NH7 Weekender. All my thoughts are about you (As you can see!).

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