Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 302/366

I produced good news for myself today. I decided to make a book out of all my 366 posts on this blog, which is my #Project366, the only New Year resolution I've ever stuck to in my life. (Don't judge! It's hard to quit certain habits) Funnily enough, it concerns no one but me, because I'm probably not going to be giving it out as an e-book or getting it published. I'm just going to get it bound, get a friend to make an interesting cover for it and voila! it's my first book. There is no logic to this, considering all my writings for the past 302 days are already on this blog. But what if the Internet/digital world crashes on us one day and we are *ahem* forced to go back to the days of reading an actual book. I suppose this idea is just a reminder for me not to forget the real things that inspired me to write in the first place. That charm of a handwritten letter or poem will never fade away; but I'd rather assume that possibility and embrace the chaos attached. 

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