Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 313/366

It's one thing to be down with fever. It's another to have all the symptoms of it - a bad cough that makes you sound like a man, a running nose, that awful headache that pops up every time you feel a little better. Bangalore is a place that makes you sick. I used to hear about the pollen problem from a few people who were reluctant to move here. At the same time, there'd be scores of people raving about how good the weather is. Truth is, it sucks. It's the most erratic weather I've seen. EVER. It rains when you least expect it, followed by a cold spell, followed by too much sun and humidity for one's comfort. And for those who praise it so, try staying here instead of just visiting for that one weekend to catch a concert or because you were craving Corner House Hot Chocolate Fudge.

I'm planning on quitting you, Bangalore. I've never fallen idiotically sick every month this way. Of course, there's the monthly problem too. But this is a whole different fucked up health issue. 

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