Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 314/366

A weird sappy love letter for the kicks of it:

With you, I have become someone mature enough to realize how real we are though it seems like a dream sometimes. A dream that I keep reliving every time we are together-when I think of you, when I feel what I do as I lie in your arms.

People exist for different reasons and I don’t really know the purpose of my existence yet. Whatever it may be, the one reason I have figured out myself is that I have to keep my loved ones happy. To see that smile on your face, I will do anything. You are family, now. For quite a while now…And I love that feeling of belonging which I get from you. 

A wise man once said that perfection, by its very meaning is inexplicable. Because if something is perfect, everything about it is perfect. So, in order to explain it, everything about it must be explained. And that is not possible. So, perfection is only felt. And it is. 

 But we are the impossible. “So many things could have been so different” is a line heard often. And it is true. They could have been. Things may not have happened when they did. But I'm sure that somewhere along the way, our paths would have met.  Somehow.Sometime. Because, this is it. It is that surety we all desire in life but many die without. A pity, for it is the best feeling in the world.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to say the words I'm expected to - I love you. There. Are you happy now?

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