Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 315/366

It's been a while since college. And some things are the same, some different. The songs chosen for a 'session' are as familiar and perfect as they were back then. The occasional happy gifts are still given in the same forms, only of better quality (if you know what I mean!). The smells are exactly what they were. They make me feel at home.

At the same moment, she and I decided to put the next song on the playlist as that old tune we both shared our most simple and best times of our lives with. More connections were remembered; the old one revisiting. Somebody cracks a joke and though it's lame, you laugh. No one else could cheer you up on potential 'bad days' as her silly humour could. You talk of the others, just as close and perfectly weird in different ways. All a part of and whole of each one's life.

It's worth being awake and enjoying each moment. If today will be our last meeting for any reason in life, don't let this be anything but the best.

I really miss college.

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