Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 319/366

Isolate the atoms,
Rekindle the life,
Push and pull together
Blow the damn dynamite.
Step by step, follow,
The new world order -
It's here to stay.
Unleash the intellectual,
Put up a decent fight.
Man versus himself,
Technology to watch,
They're winning our losing battle
They're singing songs of pride.
Shallower than the deepest black,
Chuckling to himself,
The future is already here -
He's the death of yesterday.
Can you hear the metal clinking?
Reproducing in their own way,
The blonde redhead calls out
Goodbye, Sensibility.

1 comment:

  1. Sensibility.
    It shouts & screams.
    For the half-dead soul & pastel memories.
    For the bruised knees & forgotten maps.

    Waiting for nothing, restless.
    Reminisce of a deep dark green patch on a dried canvas.
    Making the quiet nights understand concept of sleep.

    It's broken, scratched.
    Like a piece of wood,
    With a delicate fragrance.
    Of cold blue thoughts, and the calming chaos.

    Stand between the street, let the cold air pierce skin...
    And everything, everything will make sense.