Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 352/366

Day 2 of NH7 Weekender at a glimpse. And for some reason, I enjoyed Bangalore MUCH more than Pune this year. (Oh wait, I think I know why)
The Shakey Rays 
Jivraj Singh and Nischay Parekh
The Bicycle Days (SO much trippier live than in recordings)
Delhi Sultanate  
Susheela Raman (Notice the airplane in the sky!?)
To Raghu. With love, Raveena.
Swarathma :)
Best set of Day 2 - Bauchklang
Collaborations: Swarathma and Dualist Inquiry
Drunken love
Warning: Smoking electronic cigarettes can do this to you.
Pais Mafia

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  1. in spite of what I saw, you actually ran around quite a bit. Impressed.