Monday, April 24, 2017

#NaPoWriMo Day 20

Outside my window
A guava tree sways
A rooster attempts to wake me up,
Failing miserably.
A woman washes the dishes in the blazing sun
While another comforts her infant son in her bosom.
Two dogs bask in the warmth, restlessly,
They watched over the house as I slept.

Now there is silence
As the clouds make way for the mountains
As the silhouettes come closer than ever before.
As the sky juggles the brightness and gloom.

Behold the grandeur of Mother Earth,
How elegantly moulded are her debris
Moulded since the beginning of time.

Unlike us -
You and I.
Look at the mess we've made
All the cleaning up we're yet to start.

The day isn't too far away
That the mountain of human garbage
Shall take over the world.

Art by Silvia Venturi

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