Monday, April 24, 2017

#NaPoWriMo Day 21

What they don't tell you about solo travel
And constantly being on the move 
Is how much you're going to miss your bed
Regardless of whose bed you sleep on.

In spite of however many stars your hotel's worth,
You'll miss the perfect pressure of the shower 
The aromas and flavours of ghar ka khaana
Especially when you're eating all your meals alone.

You may thoroughly enjoy the soul 
Of the new city as it hits you
As you take in the mountain freshness
That reminds you that you're alive.

The strangers that you meet,
Who let you into your world,
As you offer glimpses of your own.

Fade in, fade out. 
Sleeping in one city,
Waking up in another.

You wake up mid-air, 
Look out the window, 
And watch a beautiful sunset
The horizon like it may never be before.
Yet this is not your home.

More than anything though,
It is the emotional drain.
The constant goodbyes, 
And hellos.
And goodbyes again.

Sometimes, it takes a Jarmusch film to jolt you back to reality.
To make you see the beauty of the mundane,
Nothing new.
Newness in the old.

Look closer.
Find what you've been not looking at.
Do more than exchange just a smile.
Discover unexplored terrains.

Do not underestimate
The beauty of solitude
Albeit in small doses.

Art by Liam Cobb

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