Sunday, April 9, 2017

#NaPoWriMo: Day 7

Prompt: a poem about luck

I was never one for four-leaf clovers 
Or money thrown into fountains 
Or praying to gods you cannot see 
To do what I could not. 

The very existence 
Of everything 
Is beyond any one's control;
The fact that we are even breathing 
Is the biggest wonder of it all. 

Say, I decide to marry you, 
And our constellations don't align, 
Would you let this meaning dissipate? 
Or create your own path? 

If you happen to be the unfortunate soul 
Under a fallen roof for days, 
Would you not persevere -
If for nothing but to survive? 

So where in this overcomplicated 
Yet simplifiable world 
That we do exist in, 
Do we stop the blame, 
Retain the sane,
And come out emerging 
Even happy perhaps? 

Art by Sasha Haritonova

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