Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 66/366

The Artist
The many layered man,
He fascinates me.
He tells tales of damselflies,
While on the pretty green.

A musician by day,
Tattoo enthusiast by night,
An artist with many tools,
He replenishes his appetite.

A serene madman this hippie is,
Who looks somewhat like Jesus Christ.
Belonging to The Mavyns (pronounced May-vins)
This fellow's a real delight!

(The relation of the photograph to the person this poem is about might not seem clear to some. I shall explain. I knew him to be a musician, an artiste. After many trippy and intriguing conversations with him, I have seen that crazy passion in him that I assumed only artists and scientists would possess. He, a musician, is an artist with many tools. I might even get myself a tattoo done by him on my birthday if I am daring enough.)

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