Saturday, May 12, 2012


I watched her frantic movements - sweeping the room clumsily, trying on a hundred different outfits and asking for opinions, fixing the rice lights and checking every ten minutes to see if they were still working fine. She liked him a lot. That was a little too apparent. And he was going away.

Life or Fate, whatever people wished to call it, had laid out a path for them both where there were no intersections. This was the last time she would see him.

She knew that by the end of the evening, she would have to say the words and accept the fact that she'd been running away from so far. The goodbye had to be perfect.

The bell rang. Spraying on some perfume, she gulped down the glass of whiskey. This was it, she told herself. She opened the door to find a note stuck to the door. He couldn't do it. It was the imperfect goodbye that never did happen. Just another chapter of her life without a happy ending. And in this case, an end without the ending.


  1. Short and precise, I would say !
    Naaaice :)

  2. For a moment, whole scene was created in front of my eyes.
    No more comments. As usual, GREAT!