Sunday, May 13, 2012


I want to know about real life stories of friends who chose each other as their 'marriage back ups' & ended up together after the expiry date of their deal!

Say you have someone who you're supposed to marry if you're not married by 35. Are you expected to just fall in love when he remembers one fine day and comes and proposes?

I think I'm going to start off a project in life to discover couples like that. Keep asking couples their story and see if people actually end up getting hitched! Maybe this inbuilt curiosity is why I'm a good listener when it comes to hearing love stories.

And then when the times comes for me to write down my own story, I might have my own back up marriage guy as my husband. Or not. Hopefully not! He's too amazing as a friend to let go of that.


  1. may yu succeed in the project! If the thing happens, it is worth to be noted !

  2. Discover n' write it down ^^
    Eager to read 'your' own story. :P