Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 209/366

It was the same kind of jokes being cracked, the same style of clothing, the same topics being discussed. But I was not one with them anymore. From being the biggest f-up in our group, I had become the responsible, committed one who had her own press card. It was really strange knowing that two months ago, I had been her, the girl sitting opposite me- carefree, indifferent to judgment, not worried about what my next step on life was. I should probably feel good knowing what I'm achieving. But it's just not the same kind of fun that I was so used to. Everybody told me that meeting your friends outside college once you're done with it goes back to feeling the same. Why doesn't it then?

1 comment:

  1. Because it does not interest the thought anymore?
    When I first met my friends outside the college , I simply couldn't remember anything back from the days, may be the mind was preoccupied, observing what was in front of it, analysing what others are doing , trying to read minds. Just was not the same , those days were gone or may be it was just the state of it.