Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 292/366

I don't think I'm ever going to understand human beings who can extract work from others on the promise of providing returns and then turn around and pretend like the agreement never took place. Even worse is when someone else temporarily picks up your tab and you refuse to acknowledge that or pay him back or accept your mistake and put it all behind you. It's a pity that Chut Chef Cafe exists. (Apparently, the first name is Cool though I hardly think it applies. I also have my doubts about the middle name because the food there is known to be worse than elephant poo. <It's the biggest animal I could think of on land.>)

If you can't afford musicians, don't hire them. If you can't pay a hard working artist who gives your house the right vibe to make it attract outsiders to avail the so-called 'services' you wish to provide, don't hire him. Don't be a fucking asshole on Twitter and ask your haters to come smoke up and drink beer with you. It's not cool.

Social media, for once, is going outside the realms of Twitter & Facebook (It's about time, no?). This is the most recent development on this issue that I have come across - Un-Occupy Cool Chef (RSVP here.)  I'm not sure how much of a difference this will make or whether people actually go to this place. But if it works, it should give the manager of the place some food for thought (Since he'd be eating it all alone anyway).

Let's also hope that the musicians called to play there in the future (if the place doesn't shut down) know better than to agree to play a gig there without getting at least half the amount owed to them before the gig. There is a shelf life to which someone or a company or a cafe can survive off the goodwill of its customers. Beyond that, prepare to face the music. (Though it's probably no more music for you, Thadani, you little fucker)


  1. we are all looking for short cuts to get away with what we do, but we can't almost always comes back in some way or another.

  2. LOL! You know, this isn't the first time CCC has faced shit, I remember some scammy news a few months ago, can't recall what it was exactly.

    Anyway, I like how you started writing all formally and quickly went to "thadani, you little fucker" hahaa made my night xD