Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 293/366

It's an awfully painful feeling to watch a patient of any ailment suffer in front of you. We always tell them to be strong and brave and they try as hard as they can because they know that it will mark the difference between life and death.

Imagine being a patient who has a cancer in your body. You know it but the way to get rid of it is unaffordable. Slowly and steadily, you succumb to it and let the monster growing inside you take over and finish you off. There was no pity or promise of a better world because the options were out of reach.

Can you see yourself taking hormone replacement tablets all your life because the gland which was supposed to regulate the amount of urine you pass stopped functioning out of no apparent reason? Can you imagine the plight of someone knowing that the only way out is to indulge in that heap of steroids placed on your plate after every meal? The amount changes as and when the doctors please, for they themselves do not understand the complexity of what is going on inside that head of yours.

In the distance, I can see the child swinging from the tyre hanging from the big mango tree. He is smiling at you approaching and when you wave your hand to say hello, he does not wave back for he could not see you coming but heard you. He is blind and unless he belonged to a rich family who could afford to buy him vision, he will live his life in this manner and die when he has to.

A wonderful musician who sings the blues recently told me that she would rather die being electrocuted on stage than to some weird disease. It probably has a lot to do with the passion for living, which for her comes through the most amazing channel of making music.

It made me glad that I have a few passions to live for. Writing them down would only make it an impersonal emotion for me while these thoughts continue to drive my mind crazy. But I realized that one ought to know what they're living this life for. Before we know it, it'll end. And at that moment, you'll probably never understand what hit you. Live. Because you have been granted a life, devoid of so many tragedies that others around you are unfortunate enough to have.

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