Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 294/366

Today, I had an awesome conversation and I'm too lazy and high to write a proper blog post. So, I'm going to make the conversation the post itself:

(Context: I said that the number of friends I have in Bangalore, a new city for me, are so few that I could count them in one hand. Okay, maybe two :p )

G: Meet some other folks, no?
R: How?
R: When?
R: Who?
R: Why?
R: Answer one at a time
‎​G: How, by going out.
‎​G: When, when you have time to go out.
‎​G: Who, anyone you find interesting when you go out.
‎​G: Why, cause then you can ACTUALLY GO OUT.

What a guy!

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