Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 332/366

It's quite incredible to be a part of a live concert. It doesn't matter whether it's a local band or an international act you've grown up listening to. It's all about standing in the crowd and being pulled into the motion that is music.

I agree that it's a nice feeling to be in your own room, doing whatever the fuck you want, and having something you enjoy playing in the background.

But in a gig, it doesn't matter who is around you or whether you're alone or if you're sober or high. It's an experience that cannot be taken away from you because of the mere fact that you were there.

Sure, you could go light a cigarette after every few songs or grab a beer and sway to the tunes. But regardless of genre or how recognized the musician is or any external factor, the joy of live music is your own to take home, cuddle with and have the best dreams to.

It feels a little funny writing this down, because it's the most natural way of approaching music for me now. It doesn't even matter if you're paying for it or are put on someone's guest list, because if you have a good time, it was worth it, whatever the 'it' may be.

I've attended a lot of gigs in life already, but I know I started off late. There's so many musicians I need to see before I die and so little time. And if the Mayans were right, I'm fucked. I'm going to die knowing that my wishlist is not complete. Not a cool realization less than a month from when I'm supposed to die.

BUT, Bangaloreans take note, there's a ton of music that's happening soon that you need to watch live and then go to wherever it is you will be if/when the world ends.

Gig list:

29th November- Swarathma
30th November - Peter Cat Recording Co.
Saturday - Sunday (1st-2nd December) -Strawberry Fields - Skyharbor headlining!
7th December - Guns 'n' Roses
8th December - Happy People
9th December - Koan Sound
12th December - Ankur Tewari & the Ghalat Family
15th - 16th December - NH7 WEEKENDER!!!

You're welcome.


  1. I agree. The feeling of a live gig is magical :)

  2. Live gig's breathe life into me. Thank's to you, I started attending and fell in love with that feeling :)