Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 333/366

This one's dedicated to the dreamers, sleepwalkers and insomniacs that may one day come across this, listening to Blue in Green late into the night, Miles Davis keeping you awake more than the last cup of coffee you had.

Imagine a world with no pretensions, where every single soul is out to discover themselves in the most honest form. They cannot sleep or function with the knowledge that they are lost. And yet, in today’s generation, being confused is forgiven, almost treated with a sense of feigned innocence that puts a child’s imagination to shame.

Often, it's best to have certain fears come true. And slap you in the face a few times till you register what hit you; till each muscle in your body shakes and comes alive by confronting your worst nightmare.

Each of us need a rehab for some habit of ours, something nagging thing about you that's like a chicken pox itch you can't scratch without it leaving a mark that you knew you could have prevented. But isn't it better to get it over with and feel alive and painless for a moment, despite the scars? 

Life is unfair. Kill yourself, or get over it.

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