Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 334/366

I'll call this one 'Frozen Memories', simply because my hands are numb with the cold to type out these pangs of nostalgia that I'm feeling right now.

There are some people who are really easy to have in your life. But it's those few that you know are really hard to hold on to but worth every moment of that journey, that make working on relationships more fulfilling. 

With a particular gentleman that I keep in mind, I was too shy initially. I wanted to talk, and sometimes, I did. But there were other interesting facets of growing up that caught my fancy at the time, making us drift away; slowly at first; then quite steadily, much to my dislike. 

But he was always around, making it hard to omit his existence. And I didn't want to either, considering he had this cute little smile he'd wear on his face, making it hard to overlook or ignore him in the same room. Our eyes would meet often, and unspoken words were spoken. Time passed and we changed and grew up and started defining our likes and dislikes and one fine day, we were at a point where we thought we knew what we wanted in life. (Of course, the fact that we're 21/22 does not factor into this post).

As I said in the beginning, there are some people you keep in your life who are a real pain in the ass to keep in touch with. But this particular idiot was like my magnet. I would probably do anything to spend an hour with him, or perhaps, just a quick hug. He's a lucky guy, even without knowing it. It's a strange kind of honesty that he brings out in me. I dress up and feel like a girl without consciously trying; I become a good listener and am genuinely interesting in the stories he has to share; heck, I can't even stop smiling after I meet him, even if it's just for a fight. 

And it sucks to know that someone has that kind of power over you. After all, it's kind of like flattery for them that you wish were false. But despite the good/bad qualities he possesses, he can make you happy in a way that no one else can. And for that, I'd
 never let him go. Yes, there's a song dedication et all. I can't help it. You had me hugging it the whole way back home. : )

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