Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 354/366

It can actually feel nice to sometimes not to talk to the person sitting opposite you, because you know that there are going to be more conversations in the future. There is always that strange curiosity to find out new things about him or her and discover hidden parts to them that were otherwise kept hidden for a reason or just hadn't surfaced with you yet.

It's comforting to meet a stranger everyday and watch them become less of a stranger with each meeting, each interaction bringing you closer to them and to yourself as a person around them. You get to watch yourself be absolutely tongue tied one day, while being an unshuttable chatterbox the next. There are walls built and broken in the span of moments, and you eventually lose track of time and minutes because you realise that it just doesn't matter. It probably should, but there is no rationale when it comes to how you feel and who you are around them.

The best and worse part of it is when you just drift off and smile inwardly because you can't think straight and they suddenly catch you doing that and you can't help but widen the grin without being able to comprehend and explain. You are dumbfounded, but they'll never quite understand fully what in the world your twisted head is concocting. Dandy, ain't it? :p

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